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Useful articles
How to Potty Train a Puppy
Potty training can be an arduous task for you as a dog owner but sometimes, it's vital. There are the same old key techniques that lead to success as well as some new tricks to make the potty training easier
How to housebreak a Puppy
Dealing with a mess that your new puppy creates on a regular basis is a part of being a dog owner and unfortunately, it is an inevitable one. Our tips will help you to learn how to housebreak a puppy in the shortest time possible
Our expert
Hannah is the one who made eTrainDog possible. With over 11 years of experience in dog training for a multitude of purposes, she provided invaluable input that allows our app to demonstrate solid results within the shortest time frames. Fascinated by interacting with dogs and applying novel techniques in training since the very childhood, Hannah has grown to be a world-class specialist when it comes to getting to know your dog better and establishing a special bond.
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