Our expert
Hannah is the one who made eTrainDog possible. With over 11 years of experience in dog training for a multitude of purposes, she provided invaluable input that allows our app to demonstrate solid results within the shortest time frames. Fascinated by interacting with dogs and applying novel techniques in training since the very childhood, Hannah has grown to be a world-class specialist when it comes to getting to know your dog better and establishing a special bond.
As a Master of Science in Clinical Animal Behaviour, Hannah helped us to develop the ultimate dog training app with effectively structured lessons and features suitable for any kind of dog and dog owner. Her special training focuses on the dog's psychological and physical wellbeing, which also makes eTrainDog more of a lifestyle guide to ensure harmony and understanding between you and your pet.

While being an advocate for a stress-free and lighthearted training process, Hannah employs a strict scientific approach to her methods of dog training. It took her years of research to come up with a program that would be comfortable for anyone. Now, through the eTrainDog app, you can implement her high-end training system in a convenient and simple way.
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